McBride Sisters

Biz Chica Media knows the power of storytelling.  Social media creates a unique space where you have to tell compelling stories in only 140 characters or just a pictures.  We took that challenge on with the unique story of the McBride Sisters.

The McBride Sisters, Andréa and Robin McBride, never knew the other existed until their dying father told one of them to find the other.  Each sister was living on a different continent and, as destiny would have it, each had an affinity for wine.  Naturally, they find each other, create a new wine company with no experience making wine, in an area of California not known for its wine, in a male-dominated industry. Despite the odds stacked against them, the McBride Sisters have become a name synonymous with premium wine and effortless style.

Biz Chica Media was instrumental in effectively telling this story through social media and building their online presence to what it is today.  From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, we increased their social media audience and engagement by 200%.